By Karen Stopek 10/18/97


Dear Heavenly Father,

What a beautiful day you gave me today.

I am in awe of your wonderful creation.

Thank you, Lord, for my eyes

And the ability to see

The valleys and hills,

The river and trees,

The leaves and all their colors,

The hounds and the horses,

And that one lone hawk,

How beautiful.

Thank you, Lord, for my ears

And the ability to hear

The rustling of leaves under the horsesí hooves,

The pounding of many horses galloping up the hills,

The water splashing in the river,

And the cry of the hounds.

How beautiful.

Thank you, Lord, for my hands

And the ability to feel

The warm, fuzzy coat of my horse.

How soft. How beautiful.

Lord, I am overcome with emotion as I ride through your earthly creation.

It is as much as my human senses can possibly take in.

And yet this beauty is tainted by sin.

I canít even begin to imagine what it will be like in Heaven.

And better yet, to see the face of Jesus.

How beautiful.

For one day,

I will see Jesusí face.

I will hear Jesusí voice.

I will touch Jesusí hands.

How beautiful!


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