"What is the difference between a Paint and a Pinto?"

A PINTO is simply "a horse whose dual-colored coat pattern is comprised of white areas combined with another of the basic coat colors" (PtHA). The Pinto Horse Association of America registers horses with Pinto coloring.  Many Pintos are also registered with other breed associations (such as Oldenburgs, Saddlebreds, Miniatures, Half-Arabians, etc.)  PtHA will not, however, register a horse that shows evidence of draft or mule breeding.

A PAINT horse is one that is registered with the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) and both of its' parents must be registered Paint horses, Quarter horses, or Thoroughbreds (NOT WARMBLOODS).  Paints are historically of the stock type, often geared toward ranch horse events such as Western Pleasure, Roping, Barrel Racing, etc.

Sculptor is a Pinto, not a Paint.  His pedigree includes horses of  pinto coloring that are Warmbloods.  He does not have ANY Paint or Quarter Horse blood in him.  Sculptor's foals are eligible for registration with the Pinto Horse Association of America.


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