AKC Great Dane Puppies for Sale

Currently, we have no puppies available.  We are planning for a spring 2019 litter between Bruno and Betty.  Please check back then.

AKC Great Dane Puppies come with 2 year health guarantee, dew claws removed, deworming and vaccinations appropriate for age, microchipped, return contract and breeder support. They are raised in my home with lots of love and attention from adults and children. Limited registration prices listed. Full registration available on certain puppies to approved homes at an additional costs.  Shipping available.   I do not sell to brokers, pet shops or research facilities.  Harlequins are priced at $1500, Mantles, Merles and Blacks at $1000.

I breed for longevity, temperament, health and beauty. For many years, I wanted a Great Dane, but read that they only lived for 6-8 years and did not want to fall in love with a dog that would not be around for very long.  After doing research, I found that many well bred Danes live for 10-14 years.  I searched for bloodlines that produce these longer living, gorgeous dogs with loveable and loyal dispositions and this is what I now own.  

To view our Great Dane Purchase Agreement, click on the link below:

http://stopekstables.com/Great Dane Purchase Agreement.pdf

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Sire: Brunomeister Meisterbruno  AKC# WS45059102 Born 8/11/2013. Harlequin, 36" tall, 160 pounds.   Pedigree includes Grand Champion of Russia, Tabarka de la Benjamine.  OFA Hips:   Good & Elbows:  Normal.

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Dam: Beloved Big Bertha  AKC#WS38123205 Born 7/4/2011.  33" tall, 130 pounds.  OFA Hips:  Good & Elbows:   Normal.

Bertha is now retired from breeding and enjoying life as our beloved pet.

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Introducing our newest Great Dane, MSGD's Black Betty Bam Ba Lam AKC# WS53936804   Born 5/15/2016.  Black female with European pedigree including Champions from de la Benjamine, von Schliesen, Moloseum, Tribeca, Wiesengrund and Habits Rouges.  

AKC Litter # WS608596: born May 19, 2018, day of Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle's Royal Wedding, to Bruno and Betty.

Harlequin Male "King"- SOLD to Wisconsin.

Harlequin Male "Prince" - SOLD to Minnesota.

Harlequin Female "Harley"- SOLD to Texas.

Merle Female "Crown"- SOLD to Wisconsin.

Black Male w/white markings "Charming"- SOLD to Minnesota.

Black Female w/white markings "Lady"- SOLD to Iowa.

Black Female w/white markings "Countess"- SOLD to Illinois.

Black Female w/white markings "Royal"- SOLD to Iowa.

Black Female w/white markings "Tiara"- SOLD to Iowa.

PICTURES COMING SOON.  Visit "Great Danes From Stopek Stables" on Facebook for  current pictures and updates.


AKC Litter #WS558492: born January 22, 2017 to Bruno and Bertha. 

 Blingonback.jpg (51380 bytes) Blingday10.jpg (53258 bytes) Blingfaceday18.jpg (109610 bytes) BlingFeb17.jpg (37709 bytes) BlingFeb17-2.jpg (50253 bytes) BlingFeb17-3.jpg (48877 bytes) Bling1month.jpg (22249 bytes)

Harlequin Female "Bling"-SOLD to Ohio- same home as Phoebe from 2015 litter and Phineas from this litter!

Bossnewborn.jpg (45843 bytes)  Boss5days.jpg (34715 bytes) Bosssleepday22.jpg (32505 bytes)

Harlequin Male "Boss"-SOLD to Iowa

Splinterday5.jpg (39481 bytes) splinterday9.jpg (34889 bytes)

Harlequin Male "Splinter"-SOLD to Illinois

BeautyMerlePuppyPile.jpg (60020 bytes) beautyday10.jpg (70315 bytes) Beauty1month.jpg (24476 bytes) Beauty5weeks.jpg (32174 bytes) BeasleyAaron.jpg (67196 bytes) BeasleyMotter.jpg (41722 bytes)

Mantle Female "Beauty", then "Mrs. Beasley", and now "Stella" in her new home in Florida.

Buzzerday22.jpg (32422 bytes) Buzzerfaceday22.jpg (48392 bytes)

Mantle Female "Miss Buzzer"-SOLD to Canada

Sprinklesday5.jpg (34335 bytes) sprinklesday10.jpg (53419 bytes) Sprinkles1month.jpg (20155 bytes)

Mantle Female "Miss Sprinkles"-SOLD to Wisconsin

Buttonsday22.jpg (37656 bytes) Buttonsfaceday22.jpg (37881 bytes)

Mantle Female "Button"-SOLD to Iowa, now "Gabby Jo"

Princessday5.jpg (43441 bytes) Princessday10.jpg (49480 bytes) Princess1month.jpg (20372 bytes)

Mantle Female "Princess"-SOLD to Colorado

BlackberryTeddyBear.jpg (194994 bytes) BlackberryDay10.jpg (43847 bytes) BlackberryBarnday27.jpg (85263 bytes) Blackberry1month.jpg (25310 bytes) Blackberry6weeks.jpg (53762 bytes) Blackberry5weeks.jpg (109129 bytes)

Mantle Female "Blackberry"-SOLD to Nebraska

PhineasBerthaArm.jpg (58515 bytes)

Merle Mantle Male "Phineas"-SOLD to Ohio- same home as Phoebe from 2015 litter and Bling from this litter!

merlemantlemale2.jpg (33139 bytes)

Merle Mantle Male "Sterling"-SOLD to Iowa.

AKC Litter Registration # WS523405.  Born Jan. 14, 2016:

Ready for new homes on March 10.

marshall1wk.jpg (49234 bytes) marshallyawn3wks.jpg (315968 bytes) marsall3wksside.jpg (37910 bytes)

Harlequin Male #1- SOLD- Connecticut, now "Sampson".

danieltiger1wk.jpg (53620 bytes) danieltigerGwen (2).jpg (52727 bytes) danieltigerhold4wks.jpg (112879 bytes)

Harlequin Male #2-SOLD- Iowa, now "Fish".

darthvader1wk.jpg (59981 bytes) darthvader3wks.jpg (173030 bytes)

Mantle Male #1   SOLD- Iowa, now "Brody".

lukeskywalker1wk.jpg (55771 bytes) lukeskywalker2wks (2).jpg (497772 bytes)

Mantle Male #2 SOLD- Massachusetts, now "William".

everest1wk.jpg (57397 bytes)  everest2wks.jpg (47064 bytes) everestcouch3wks.jpg (478610 bytes) everesthold4wks.jpg (86202 bytes) everestsit4wks.jpg (36777 bytes)

Mantle Female #1-SOLD- Ohio, now "Phoebe".

princessleah1wk.jpg (56385 bytes) PrincessLeah3wks (2).jpg (231911 bytes)

Mantle Female #2 - SOLD- Iowa, now "Tessa".

bambi1wk.jpg (49235 bytes) bambimarshallyawn3wks (2).jpg (468673 bytes)

Mantle Female #3-SOLD- Iowa, now "Scarlett".

bertha16litter3days.jpg (45127 bytes) 16LITTERlineup.jpg (44953 bytes) danieltiger3days.jpg (31152 bytes)

AKC Litter Registration # WS494251.  Born Dec. 22, 2014:

Blythe-Show marked Mantle Female. SOLD to Illinois.  Now "Betty".

Blythe day 3 (2).jpg (48965 bytes) Blythe pink jacket (3).jpg (77712 bytes) BlytheHaileehold.jpg (2257066 bytes) Blythetongueout.jpg (1530346 bytes) BlytheHaileeholdonporch.jpg (2217729 bytes) Betty (2).jpg (249320 bytes)

Beaudacious-Harlequin Male with one blue eye. SOLD to Iowa.  Now "Lincoln".

Beaudacious day3 (2).jpg (398504 bytes)  Beaudacious Red ribbon.jpg (42218 bytes) Beaudacious red ribbon Bertha nose (2).jpg (58092 bytes) BeaudaciousFrontDoor.jpg (124879 bytes) LincolnFace.jpg (98574 bytes) LincolnGrass.jpg (363958 bytes)

Blitzen-Show marked Mantle Male. SOLD to Iowa.  Now "Gary".

Blitzen day 3 (2).jpg (36233 bytes) Blitzen 5 weeks.jpg (77607 bytes) Blitzen10wks (3).jpg (133946 bytes) BlitzenBlazeBumblefrontporch.jpg (761531 bytes)

Babe-Blanket Merle Female.  SOLD to California.  Now "Stella".

Babe day3 (2).jpg (410636 bytes) Babe beg (3).jpg (2937789 bytes) BabeBrunocarpet.jpg (1234815 bytes) StellaGlasses.jpg (43016 bytes) StellaFrontDoor.jpg (139900 bytes)

Barbie-Show marked Mantle Female.   SOLD to Iowa.  Now "Ellie".

Barbie day3 (2).jpg (416790 bytes) Barbie 5 weeks.jpg (72043 bytes)  BarbieHaileeholdonporch.jpg (1242036 bytes) EllieBed.jpg (75287 bytes) EllieRV.jpg (126381 bytes)

Bingo-Show marked Mantle Male.  SOLD to Colorado.  Now "Hank".

Bingo day3 (2).jpg (423837 bytes) Bingowithlitter.jpg (1470081 bytes) Bingo 5 weeks.jpg (93483 bytes) Hankbythepool.jpg (2828430 bytes)

Blackie-Show marked Mantle Male. SOLD to Iowa.  Now "Barrett".

Blaze day3 (2).jpg (382767 bytes) Blackie 5 weeks.jpg (76124 bytes) BrodyBlackiehold.jpg (3128530 bytes)  BlackiePayton.jpg (65664 bytes)

Blaze-Show marked Mantle Male.  SOLD to Minnesota.

Blackie day3 (2).jpg (397127 bytes) Blaze 5 weeks.jpg (75092 bytes) Blaze10wks (3).jpg (76475 bytes)

Boomer-Show marked Mantle Male. SOLD to Iowa.  Now "Jax".

Boomer day3 (2).jpg (364784 bytes) Boomerholdkitchen.jpg (125321 bytes) JaxHead.jpg (47073 bytes) JaxGrass.jpg (151145 bytes)

Bubbles-Harlequin Female.  SOLD to Minnesota. Now "Daisy".

Bubbles day3 (2).jpg (395956 bytes)  Bubbleswithlittermates.jpg (3101547 bytes) BubblesHaileehold.jpg (2057142 bytes) BubblesCar1.jpg (2239275 bytes) BubblesCar2.jpg (2071954 bytes) BubblesDaisy6mos2 (2).jpg (249127 bytes)

Bumble-Show marked Mantle Female.  SOLD to Iowa.  Now "Sophie".

Bumble day3 (2).jpg (409305 bytes) Bumble 5 weeks.jpg (63665 bytes) Bumble pink ribbon.jpg (85144 bytes) BumbleDeckSteps.jpg (1515456 bytes) BumbleHeatheShoulder.jpg (1039850 bytes)

For more information, contact Karen Stopek at 515-988-2700 or Karen@StopekStables.com


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